Through solar self-consumption, an important part of your electricity consumption will be produced by yourself and in your own roof, putting the bases for the energy transformation of your company. Also, in times when there is excess production we will help you to sell it in the best conditions.



  • Feasibility study
  • Turnkey construction with premium brands
  • Tailored financing
  • Processing with the electric distributor
  • Grant Processing
  • Surplus energy Sales Management  
  • Insurance
  • Photovoltaic Plant Maintenance
  • Monitoring and performance control




NETWORK INDEPENDENCE. Thanks to solar consumption a significant percentage of your electricity consumption will be produced and therefore independent of the supply of the electric Company and therefore not dependent on the market price increases.

PROFITABILITY OF YOUR ROOF. Through our model, we manage the sale of surplus energy at times when production exceeds consumption. For example, on weekends your roof will be generating electricity and revenue while your factory rests.

100% RENEWABLE ENERGY.  Solar energy production is 100% renewable. You will help reduce the ecological footprint of your activity, CO2 emissions and contribute to maintaining our planet.

COST REDUCTION IN THE ELECTRICITY BILL. The average return on investment is 4 years * from which there is a significant savings in the electricity bill.

CUSTOMIZED FINANCING. We study each operation applying in each case the financial instrument that best suits each customer.