M&V energy savings

The measurement and verification of energy savings is to determine the actual savings generated in an installation. It is the “quality control” of an energy efficiency improvement project.


Why is a M&V plan necessary in energy services?

  • Is the only way to accurately determine the savings in an energy service contract. 
  • The plan evaluates risks and shares responsibilities to each of the parties.
  • Allows to reduce the uncertainty in savings calculations to measurable levels and accepted by the two parties. 
  • Allows the monitoring of new facilities, but also those of existing ones, which generates new opportunities for improvement. 
  • Fundamentally, it is the tool that verifies the savings, and therefore the one that determines the payments in an energy service contract.


Our company has staff with the international certificate CMVP, according to standard IPMVP of EVO, to develop plans for measurement and verification of energy savings.