Energy services

What is an ESCO?

ESCOs are companies or business groups that provide energy services in installations of particular user, they allow to saving in primary energy, through the implementation of energy efficiency improvements in the installations or the use of renewable energy sources. The payment for our services is based on the production of such savings.

ESCOs are an innovative figure which allows long-term contracts with governments or individuals, in order to jointly manage the expense and maintenance of energy facilities in public buildings.

What is the benefited obtained?

The benefited of an ESCO is linked the ability of saving which is able to generate in the energy consumption of building or installation, as its business profit margin is obtained of this saving.

In which stages is ENERGEA?

ENERGEA is complete prepared to carry out the followings stages: Project Design, Energy audit, CONTROL, MEASUREMENT AND VERIFICATION OF SAVINGS. Rests of them are made by install companies or maintenance professionals.