Energy certification buildings

What is the C.E.E for buildings?eficiencia1

Energy certification buildings is a requirement of directive 2002/91/CE. According to Royal Decree 235/2013, in all new buildings, modifications or buildings reform which have an area higher than 1000m² or where they are renovated more than 25% of total of their plots, must be an energy certification.

Through energy efficiency label is assigned to each building a Class Energy Efficiency, which will vary from Class A, for more energy-efficient, Class G, for the less efficient.

What tools can we use to C.E.E.?

ENERGEA use the following programs: LIDER-CALENER, CE3 and CE3X, which carry out the requirements of the calculation method given in the RD 235/2013, in order to determine the level of energy efficiency for buildings. We are working with architectural and construction companies.