Energy Audit and EMS ISO 50001

What is an Energy Audit?LOGO ISO 50001 FONDO BLANCO

It is an evaluation activity of the energy field of an installation, industry or building, which ENERGEA realizes in an independent way, giving service to companies and to the public administrations.

What do use it?

In this evaluation ENERGEA identifies and considers possibilities of energy saving from the technical and economic point of view. These reviews involve generally improvements in the quality of processes, services rendered, as well as, providing environmental and economic improvements.

How is it being place?

It is an independent evaluation activity, from systematic procedure in accordance with the UNE EN 16247, is obtained adequate knowledge of the energy consumption profile in a building, industrial facility or system.

In general, development of an energy audit process includes the following stages:

  • Data collection and inventory of equipment
  • Analysis of energy flows
  • Measures and monitoring campaign
  • Review of energy management system
  • Identification of possible energy saving measures
  • Analysis of energy saving and associated investments
  • Economic and financial analysis associated with implementing
  • Energy Audit Report




What is an Energy Management System (EMS)?

It is a tool that used by any organization, allows to optimize the use and consumption of the energy. ENERGEA provides its service to companies and public administrations to achieve the implementation of a Energy Management Systems based on the application of ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems

What is the objective?fabrica

The main objective is creating a system which optimizes the energy management of your company in order to reduce costs and emissions of greenhouse gases caused by the consumption of energy.

How is this system implanted?

Whit an energy management system, we star with a Stage 1, energy audit, and we finish with customer endowment of the necessary tools for monitoring and verification of energy consumption is expected.

How can we support your business?

ENERGEA supports the direction of your company, creating a monitoring plan and energy analysis, with key performance indicators to optimize the costs to your energy bill (electricity, gas, etc.) regardless of the sector to which it belongs, simplifying your management.

This way, your company could have the figure of the Energy Manager, internal or external will be responsible for tracking and optimizing energy consumption in the company.