ENERGEA is an energy efficiency expert consulting firm; it provides solutions to the customer that wants to succeed in the implementation of actions and methodologies to promote savings and energy efficiency. These actions can achieve the maximum saving resources, guarantee of the energy supply, competitiveness and environmental friendliness.

To achieve these objectives, ENERGEA has the knowledge, methodology, technical and human resources able to meet all requirements associated with implementation of energy efficiency measures. This work begins in the initial phase of energy audit of the client and ends with the implementation of improvement measures and monitoring energy management.

Nowadays, energy efficiency and renewable energies are on everyone’s lips. There may be a fad, we must be aware that with advances available to us. We can continue to maintain our pace of life, with just a premise: EFFICIENCY.

How do we define energy efficiency?

It is the reduction of energy consumption while maintaining the same performance.

Is it the same efficiency energy that renewable energies?

No, renewable energies are seeking the replacement of conventional fuels by renewable non-polluting and inexhaustible sources.

Energy efficiency aims to getting the most use of energy, whether conventional or renewable, optimizing and increasing overall performance of facilities and equipment.

What are the benefits of energy efficiency?

By reducing energy consumption per unit of product or service, industries and buildings improve profitability and loss account. In line, it promotes environmental economical business. It improves its social corporative image and finally, it contributes to social responsibility.


The main goal of ENERGEA is being the benchmark company in energy efficiency. For this reason we want to transmit our deep engagement to the world in which we live. In the company we are aware of progress and new technologies make us more comfortable life. So ENERGEA is not fight to stop the evolution, innate to human beings, but ENERGEA is trying to learn live with it in a friendly manner for everyone.